ZA Alumnae Board members:

  • Lisa Basile Premerlani ‘01 - Co-Chair

  • Kate Grearson McKenney ’01 - Co-Chair

  • Belinda Dela Cruz ‘01 - Treasurer

  • Lainey Yang ‘07 - Secretary

  • Emilie Futterman ‘12 - Fall E-newsletter

  • Meaghan Maher Hartman ‘12 - Reunion Reception Chair

Contact The Board:

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Save our House!   

 Since we began our house restoration fundraising campaign in March 2016, the ZA Alumnae network has raised nearly $120,000!  We are amazed and humbled by the generosity of this community.  Three years ago, our Little White House was in dire need of critical renovations from the foundation to the roof.  We have since partnered with the College to restore the House in a way that preserves its original aesthetic while also making it easier (and less expensive) to maintain going forward.  Renovations to the House are funded entirely by our ZA Alumnae, but the College secures and supervises the contractors.  

In under three years, your donations have funded:  
(1) Repairing the crumbling foundation 
(2) Regrading the landscaping to direct rain water away from the house
(3) Patching and repainting the columns 
(4) Replacing the rotting front porch with a durable composite material
(5) Repainting (and replacing where necessary) the siding and trim on the front, East and North sides of the house
(6) Rebuilding the West terrace with lovely bluestone and replacing the rotted balustrade with durable composite material (in progress).  

These are truly amazing accomplishments that could not have been possible without so many of you!  But, ZA is in need of your continuing generosity to complete necessary renovations, to finance a routine maintenance program that will ensure the House does not fall into disrepair again, and to rebuild our ZA Alumnae Association endowment.  

Our remaining goals are as follows:

(1) Repaint West side of House and replace the side door - estimated cost $20k (goal to complete by May 2018)
(2) Replace roof - estimated cost $54k (goal to complete in 2020)
(3) Repaint interior main level - TBD
(4) Refinish wood floors - TBD

You may also send a check to:
Zeta Alpha Alumnae Association
Zeta Alpha Board
c/o Distribution Center
Wellesley College
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481